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Brand USA seals partnerships with ESPN and Thomas Cook to boost awareness and visitor numbers, while South Africa goes wild.

13 February 2014

The jousting never ceases in the international tourism marketplace. Sport tourism is an increasingly lucrative field, and makes another appearance in our latest round-up of global marketing news. We at the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) are keen fans of hockey, known around the world as Canada’s game.

CTC News staff scan social networks and news websites to keep Canada up to speed with this information. A big thank you (as always) goes to our international colleagues, general sales agents and industry partners for their spy work.

  • The sporting life: Brand USA has forged a new partnership with ESPN to promote sports tourism in the States via 51 new videos. “The United States of Sport” shows travellers on an interactive map where they can see games or take part in various sports themselves. The traditional big hitters, such as baseball, football, basketball and golf, are well covered, but so are traditional events such as rodeos and quirky sports such as a ground quidditch tournament in Illinois and the Tour de Donut in Ohio.

  • Passion project: Visit Philadelphia has released a new version of its iconic brand campaign, With Love, Philadelphia XOXO. The new ads in “Phillyosophy” stay true to the successful formula of big images and short, punchy messages that transformed the destination into one of America’s most socially savvy marketers five years ago. Visit Philly also gave the campaign an extra push during the SuperBowl with a huge ad on a New Jersey train.
  • Out of Africa: South Africa Tourism has got the electronic paint out with a major refresh of its website as part of “The Big Five” campaign. New photos and videos bring to life what the country has to offer travellers, based around Adventure & Exploration, Culture & Heritage, Entertainment & Lifestyle, Luxury & Romance and Safari & Nature.
  • Agents of change: Brand USA has put pen to paper on its biggest-ever media and partnership deal with a European travel agent. The new multi-million-dollar agreement with Thomas Cook promotes the US as the world’s leading destination for travellers looking west in the UK, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. The three-month campaign highlights old favourites such as California as well as up-and-comers such as Texas and northeast US.

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