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Competitive intelligence: international marketers play the family card.

An eight-year-old girl in Australia captivates her English grandparents, while Turkish Airlines and Idaho get travellers dreaming.

25 June 2014

The tearful greetings and departures at the airport; the well-thumbed photos; the cheery postcards pinned to a refrigerator door: vacations are often full of family stories, a rich vein of content for international marketers to tap into. Canada is known around the world for its multiculturalism; its citizens have family ties all over the map, providing compelling reasons to come and visit our country.

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) weaves this type of powerful storytelling into its marketing efforts, but we’re not the only ones. Here, CTC News looks at some of the tearjerkers on screens elsewhere. Thanks again to our international colleagues and industry partners for keeping their eyes peeled. It’s been emotional.

  • It’s a family affair: Tourism Australia joined forces with British Airways to lure Brits to Australia. Tugging at family heartstrings, the “Visit Soon” campaign targets the family members back in Blighty of the thousands of Brits who have moved Down Under. The campaign video features the genuine life story of eight-year-old Bondi resident Esme Rowling, who misses her grandparents back in England. They go to the movies, and Esme’s story plays out on screen in front of them. Their emotional reaction forms part of the campaign.

  • Childish dreams: The new campaign from Turkish Airlines evokes the simplicity of kids’ imaginations. Four countryside children dream up a scheme to get a jet to land in a nearby field… and it nearly works. It’s guaranteed to raise a smile, even if you can’t speak Turkish.

  • Summer lovin’: Idaho Tourism’s seasonal campaign focused on happy family vacation memories. The “18 Summers” project featured a short film with families recalling their favourite stories and trips together, as well as the chance to win a five-night stay in Sun Valley Resort.

  • Pass the sick bag: Qantas came up with an unusual initiative this past May. The airline wanted passengers to get creative while airborne, doodle on their inflight sick bags and then share the images on social networks using the hashtag #qantasblankcanvas. Qantas shared the best images on its Instagram account, with winners getting a Qantas Club pass.
  • Chow down: Tourism Australia has unveiled its $10-million new culinary related campaign. The plan is to put Aussie cuisine and wines in traveller’s minds as they plan and prepare their next vacations.

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