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Competitive intelligence: international youth market heats up.

Australia and New Zealand launch major campaigns targeting younger travellers looking for fun and work.

15 May 2013

Youth must have its fling—but where? Canada has plenty to offer this traveller demographic, but nowhere is the international tourism marketplace more competitive than in this arena. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has sharpened its elbows to ensure our country keeps its fair share of young travellers.

CTC News watches the movers, shakers and influencers in this rapidly growing market where social media plays a huge part in traveller aspirations. Thanks, as usual, to CTC’s colleagues, industry partners and general sales agents for sharing the juiciest pieces of intel.

The Young Ones: Tourism Australia has given a fresh lick of paint to the best job in the world concept: there are now six to choose from in its new AUS $4 million campaign targeting the youth market. The jobs up for grabs are: chief “funster” (New South Wales), outback adventurer (Northern Territory), park ranger (Queensland), wildlife caretaker (South Australia), lifestyle photographer (Melbourne) and taste master (Western Australia). The focus is not just encouraging young people to seek employment elsewhere, but also on families following them and taking a vacation.

Time off: The Chinese government has recognized the importance of travel as a way of boosting the economy and its citizens’ quality of life. A hefty doc, “Outlines of the Chinese Citizens’ Travel Initiatives 2013-2020,” has detailed plans for improving infrastructure and incentives, including more paid leave. Good news for tourism marketers the world over.

The Young Ones, Part 2: Tourism New Zealand also has its beady eye on the youth travel market. Its new Epic Experiences campaign aims to entice long-haul travellers aged 18-29, particularly from the US, Canada, the UK and continental Europe, to come and live it up via bungee jumping, wine tasting, jet boating or taking in a Maori cultural experience.

Cork-poppers: Atout France is placing greater emphasis on its work in India via a three-year campaign focusing on experiential travel. “Be There! Do That!” sets its sights on encouraging Indian consumers to come over and try French cuisine, wine, hot-air ballooning and more.

Strategic thinking: Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports has mapped outs its master plan for the industry. The main objective is to bring in US$ 65 billion in tourism revenue by 2020 and an extra five to six million foreign visitors.



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