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New videos highlight air safety and nature Down Under, while the US hits the accelerator on a new campaign.

17 December 2013

Forget the letter to Santa: all international marketers want to find under their trees this holiday season is travellers’ wish lists with their own destination as No. 1.

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) and its partners are also always on the lookout for fresh ways to form partnerships. So we’re constantly in the international travel marketplace, building networks, sealing deals and scoping out underlying trends.CTC Newsstaff says thanks again to our teammates, general sales agents and industry partners for sharing the latest buzz.

  • The old ones are always the best: Air New Zealand has continued its series of entertaining safety videos, this time using the comic talents of the legendary actress and comedienne Betty White. The video is set in a Palm Springs retirement home, with humour interlacing the serious content.


  • Vroom! Brand USA has put the pedal to the metal for its latest Road Trips campaign. The campaign has an interactive US map, provided by partner Google Maps, that allows travellers to plot their path across the country. Destinations and activities get rated by travellers; those with the highest ratings will get special stories and content. Given the geography, road trips could be long, so Brand USA has also teamed up with Spotify for some special playlists.
  • Motion pictures: Tourism Australia has released its latest video to fire up consumers’ imaginations. “Be Changed” takes a languorous look across the country, with a particular focus on Australia’s nature.



  • Virtual tourism: Visitors to Melbourne, Australia, had the chance to experience the city before arrival courtesy of Tourism Victoria’s “Play Melbourne” campaign this past fall. Four young tourists, riding bikes and fitted with video cameras, acted as “remote control tourists” for travellers on Twitter and Facebook, who could direct them to check out different attractions around the city. The resulting footage was shown live on the campaign website. Blade Runner tourism can’t be far behind…
  • Smile, please: Tourism Fiji’s global advertising campaign is well underway. With a new brand, website and social-media direction, “Fiji—where happiness finds you,” uses a series of TV ads to showcase the exotic island destination.
  • Flying high:  Tourism Australia plans to be master of the skies via an AUS$100 million investment in joint marketing campaigns with more than 20 airlines over the next three years, including Air China, Air New Zealand, Emirates, Virgin Australia and China Eastern.

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