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Charley Boorman revs up Canada on UK TV.

New four-part series featuring 16,000-km summer adventure expedition by motorcycle from coast to coast to coast has Brits gripped.

07 December 2011

Vroom! Brits are in a virtual sidecar for a new TV travel adventure series about criss-crossing Canada by motorcycle, said bike driven by Charley Boorman: English adventurer, travel writer and motorcycle fiend. “Extreme Frontiers: Canada” is being screened on Channel 5 and has UK viewers on the edge of their seats as they follow Boorman on his 16,700-km (10,377-mi) caper, accompanied only by his producer/director Russ Malkin.

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) worked extensively with the Extreme Frontiers crew as well as Canadian provincial and territorial partners to showcase Boorman and his adventures. The series is being sold internationally, so footage that does not make the tight UK edit may still be shown in other countries that expand the series into a longer format.

Boorman certainly put the A+ into adventure while in Canada, taking on adrenaline-pumping and inspiring challenges wherever he went. Some highlights: scaling the 2,700m (8,000 ft) high Mount Fable, AB, with Canadian mountaineering maestro Barry Blanchard; paddling up the Bloodvein River,  MB, for three days, overnighting with the local First Nations community; wreck diving in Lake Huron, ON; learning to play hockey with First Nations player Reggie Leach; taking rodeo lessons in Maple Creek, SK; trekking across the world’s third-largest glacier in Yukon; iceberg hunting off the Newfoundland and Labrador coast; and riding the tidal bore in Nova Scotia.



Boorman finishes the series with a bang, leading a huge biker convoy across Vancouver Island to Tofino, BC. Viewers still thirsting for more will have the chance to buy a book or DVD of the series in January 2012 (or just come to Canada themselves, of course).


However, Charley Boorman isn’t the only Canada show in town on UK TV. Travel Channel’s “Guide to Canada’s North” has just hit the small screens. This two-part series sees wildlife specialist Miranda Krestovnikoff and a three-person crew capture the natural splendour of Yukon and Nunavut. Highlights include a history of the gold rush with a trip to Dawson City, YT, and Krestovnikoff learning to pan for gold; driving up the Dempster Highway; fishing in Kluane National Park and Reserve; and a spectacular drive across the polar ice to see wildlife such as caribou, arctic foxes and narwhals.

“We’re spoilt for Canadian choice on TV in the UK at the moment with these two brilliant series,” says Rupert Peters, CTC regional managing director, Core Markets. “They bring to life in glorious colour the adventures and amazing, exhilarating travel experiences of every kind that people can find all across Canada.”


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Hi Cheryle - Not through CTC. Maybe try Amazon or the TV channel that screened it in the uk?

cheers, Mat

We are watching this on satellite TV. We would like to share with others who cant receive this. Is there by chance a video or DVD available to purchase?