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CTC wins award for strategic planning.

Canadian Government Executive magazine tips the hat to exceptional leadership shown in management practices.

18 April 2013

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has been awarded Canadian Government Executive magazine’s 2013 Leading Management Change Award for exceptional leadership in management practices in strategic planning.

The award is in recognition of CTC’s excellence in implementing results-based management, plus balanced scorecard and research methodology. One of six winners from across Canada, CTC has successfully demonstrated the return on international tourism marketing investments with clear links between employee activities and its corporate mission.

Paul Nursey, CTC vice-president, Strategy & Corporate Communications, notes the support of CTC’s Research Advisory Committee and its important contributions in building this methodology for results-based management within the organization.

Michele McKenzie, CTC president and CEO, attended the awards April 4 at the Canadian Government Executive Leadership Summit in Ottawa, ON.

Canadian Government Executive magazine will publish a profile of the CTC and the other five winners in the coming months.  



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