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Curtain set to rise on Canada Theatre project in Japan next year.

Two-year integrated marketing campaign will showcase the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017.

17 October 2014

Let’s take a peek backstage: the Japan office of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has offered a tantalizing glimpse of “Canada Theatre,” its cornerstone project that is slated to launch in May 2015.

The details were announced by Maureen Riley, CTC-Japan managing director, at the Focus Canada-Japan tourism workshop Oct. 16 in Tokyo. Canada Theatre will be a two-year marketing program, incorporating media, social-media events and special sales promotions, which will showcase Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017.

Canada Theatre will explore 10 Canada-specific themes: culinary; nature; history; exploring Canada’s west; exploring Canada’s east; adventures by land, sea and air; arts, entertainment and festivals; Canadian stories; and outdoor adventures.

Working with Japanese TV network BS Imagica, CTC-Japan will place a two-year TV docu-drama series (final name to be decided) at the heart of the campaign. There will also be a series of new experiential travel packages run by tour operators on the campaign websites, advocacy on CTC-Japan’s social-media channels and complementary events such as a Canada-themed restaurant and an art gallery, which have still to be finalized.

Wait, there’s more: CTC-Japan will develop other content partnerships with a wide range of other Japanese broadcasters, bloggers, plus online and print media to help support the 10 themes that will be shown on the campaign website. As viewers see and interact with all the content, they can start to build their own “Canada Theatre” as they plan their trip to Canada.

“This program will be the heartbeat of our work in the Japan market for the next two years as we look to capitalize on the buzz around Canada’s 150th anniversary,” says Maureen Riley, CTC-Japan managing director. “We’re confident that this project will create real consumer excitement and drive Japanese visitor numbers to Canada in 2017 beyond 230,000.”


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