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Canada Theatre tops the bill in Japan.

All of Canada’s the stage for CTC’s innovative three-year media, trade and social media campaign.

01 May 2015

The lights are dimmed, the popcorn buttered to perfection and the smartphones set to silent: welcome to the opening act of Canada Theatre.

The Japan office of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) today (May 1) launched its innovative three-year integrated trade, media and social media campaign for that market. The Canada Theatre website combines third-party media content, more than 100 new tour operator itineraries and CTC’s assets to deliver content designed to appeal to adventurous and experience-driven Japanese travellers.

Canada Theatre has 10 strong themes (known as “theatres”): Walking, Food / Gourmet, Living amongst Nature, Adventure, History – Eastern Canada, History – Western Canada, Arts and Culture, Travelling, Living with Wildlife and People/Multiculturalism. Each tour operator package on the website has been designed to complement those themes. The website has a responsive design, allowing optimal viewing on smartphones, which are increasingly important in raising destination awareness. Consumers can contribute to the campaign via interactions on the website and social media.

According to CTC Research, just under 260,000 Japanese travellers chose Canada for a vacation in 2014, a 15% year-on-year rise.

The Canadian tourism industry could not wait to join the campaign: CTC’s domestic partners are Destination British Columbia, Travel Alberta, Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation, Tourisme Québec, Tourism Prince Edward Island, Tourism Yukon and Northwest Territories Tourism.

 “Canada Theatre will help us significantly to engage younger and more experientially focused travellers in Japan,” says Maureen Riley, CTC-Japan managing director. “This unique content marketing strategy has enabled us to create an exciting platform for tour operators to showcase their new itineraries and will be a major driver in taking Japanese annual visitor numbers to Canada beyond 300,000 by 2017.”


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