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Canada Specialist Program agents step into the video limelight.

CTC’s and Canada’s ambassadors to the world show their pride in their work and the country they work tirelessly to sell.

23 October 2013

The global tourism marketplace gets ever more competitive and the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) continually strives for innovative ways to keep Canada ahead of the pack.

Its Canada Specialist Program (CSP) has attracted a loyal global army—10,000 strong and rising—of dedicated sellers who “think Canada” every day. This group, comprised of travel agents, travel agency managers and owners, tour operator product managers and reservation staff, are Canada’s ambassadors to the world, integral to the country’s marketing efforts.

Some of the ambassadors are now showing pride in their work in a series of new CSP videos, which CTC will use to promote the program and Canada on each country’s CSP website as well as on YouTube. Each video comes with a personal message from a travel-trade manager, who introduces each engaged market segment.




The science of engaging loyal Canada supporters has never been more important. Since its inception in 2010, the CSP has matured from a recruitment program to one that also offers its Specialists valuable incentives.

“Extending the use and efficiency of CSP globally is crucial to Canada’s ability to compete in the marketplace,” says Yvonne Nichie, CTC manager, Global Sales. “Many other countries are offering training programs, but none match the opportunities, added-value programs, and ‘bragging rights’ that CTC provides our Canada Specialists to sell our country to the world with pride.”


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