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Canada had added value for French travellers in 2010.

French price perceptions of travelling to this country improved overall, says latest CTC Global Tourism Watch report.

03 March 2011

Allez les bleus! Despite the loonie giving the Euro a fair old pasting in Q2 and Q3 2010—the eurozone’s currency depreciated 18% and 14% respectively—French travellers found better value for their money in visiting Canada, reports the latest Global Tourism Watch (GTW) summary for the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC).

Some other key takeaways:

  • The long-haul potential market in France—those who think they will definitely or very likely visit Canada in the next two years—stood at 5.8 million people, the second highest among GTW markets after the US.

  • The French love to hit the road: 93% place a high importance on long-haul travel.

  • France is expected to show a modest economic recovery for its troubles in 2010, with travel intentions nudging up to 38%.

  • Word-of-mouth and travel guides or books remain the best way of enticing French travellers to head west over the Atlantic.

  • Canada is top of the leaderboard for ski vacations, leaving the US floundering in its wake. Indeed, all other outdoor activities in Canada (land-based journeys, water-based journeys and summer activities) strike a chord in French travellers’ hearts.

  • Although 91% of French travellers want to get their palates around local flavours, Thailand, Mexico and China are proving fierce competitors in this arena.

Harris/Decima Research conducts the Global Tourism Watch survey for CTC. The company asks thousands of participants aged 18 and over from around the world for their views on Canada and CTC’s “Canada. Keep Exploring” tourism brand. The 2010 reports look to identify shifts in each market since 2007.

Read the Global Tourism Watch France 2010 summary report.


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