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Australians get smart about Canada.

Canada Corroboree roadshow delivered inspiration and education to travel agents and media in five cities.

16 February 2015

There was no need for espionage as the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) brought its annual roadshow to Australia in February.

Canada Corroboree 2015 delivered education and inspiration about travel in Canada to eager audiences of travel agents and journalists. The five-city roadshow had a humorous spy theme, encouraging attendees to “Get Smart about Canada.” Host Donald Mackee played the role of Maxwell Smart—made famous by actors Don Adams and Steve Carell in the comedy movie—in a series of presentations that showed Canada’s secrets and intriguing places to stay. Attendees acted as trainee agents compiling field reports, with three winning prize trips to Canada to see the country for themselves.

The roadshow started its journey in Perth Feb. 2, travelling through Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane before wrapping up Feb. 13 in Sydney. Canadian businesses crossed the Pacific Ocean to meet with Australian operators.

For the first time, CTC-Australia unveiled the Canada Corroboree Media Awards. The awards acknowledged the work of two journalists and one digital influencer for their compelling Canadian storytelling over the past two years. The three winners—Tim Richards, Quentin Long and Christina Pfeiffer—will be taking a FAM trip to Canada in 2015 to enrich their future stories.

The awards were presented at two media events in Melbourne and Sydney, at Longrain and Black by Ezard respectively. The focus of the events for Canadian sellers was the new themes and products, with particular emphasis on Canadian Signature Experiences. Canadian partners played musical chairs throughout the events, allowing them to get their stories into the hands of more media.

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