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UK discovers 100 ways to fall in love with Canada.

CTC event in London combines Signature Experiences Collection® with official 100-day countdown to Calgary Stampede centennial.

11 April 2012

Howdy pardners! The UK office of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) marked the 100-day countdown to the Calgary Stampede centennial and the formal launch of the Signature Experiences Collection® (SEC) in this market with a special event on March 29 in London.

Its theme was “100 ways to fall in love with Canada.” Tour operators, Canada Specialist Program agents, tourism-industry partners and media peeps joined CTC-UK at Delfina in London. The event showed off the Stampede in its full glory, as well as detailing opportunities for both the travel trade and media to weave SEC members into their work.

Attendees were immersed in Canada as soon as they crossed the door and were greeted by a man in full Highlander regalia. Pictures of Canada around the venue included QR codes directing visitors to the Collection, which features further images and SEC member websites. The event also brought to life many of the experiences in CTC’s growing program, including:

  • Winter-themed area and ice bar serving drinks in ice glasses alongside a maple taffy-making shack
  • Seafood bar showcasing Atlantic Canada and its culinary experiences
  • Kateri Cowley, former Stampede princess and now full-blown cowgirl, taught attendees to lasso as well as running a “Cowboyrella” competition to see if the boot fits
  • Whale and bear-watching contest with attendees guessing how many were hidden around the venue, the winner claiming an iPad
  • Chocolate fountain and dessert train (a train track with miniature desserts being served around it).

“The Signature Experiences Collection® will play an increasingly important role in our UK marketing efforts, and what better way to show it off than the Calgary Stampede centennial,” says Rupert Peters, CTC regional managing director, Core Markets. “This celebration of cowboy culture, as well as other great nearby tourism experiences in Alberta, captures travellers’ imaginations around the world.”


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Love to see Canadian support. It's one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This makes me smile. Thank you CTC for sharing the news. Happy in India.