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CTC’s marketing claims domestic and international awards.

Our innovation that gains a competitive advantage for Canada rewarded at home and South Korea.

30 January 2014

Not for us the humblebrag. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)’s unceasing striving for marketing excellence has seen it scoop up more awards at home and abroad. Firm believers in the power of innovation to get that competitive edge in the international tourism marketplace, we are delighted to see those labours rewarded.

Awesome foursome: CTC’s 35 Million Directors project certainly wowed the judges at the 2013 CMA Awards late last year. The project, which CTC worked on with DDB, its advertising agency of record, snaffled four gold awards in the coveted Advertising: Consumer Services; Community engagement:  Consumer Services; plus Digital: Consumer Services and Integrated categories at the Canadian Marketing Association’s big event in Toronto, ON, this past November. Competition is stiff at the CMA Awards, with hundreds of top Canadian brands looking for that gold seal of industry credibility. Just for old times’ sake, here is the video:


Make ours a double: CTC-South Korea has collected garlands for the second year in a row from two leading travel-trade publications. Korea Travel News designated CTC the best international tourism organization, superior to the claims of Australia and Switzerland. Korea Travel News made special mention of CTC-South Korea’s aggressive and innovative partnerships with industry, desire for practical results and support for product development. And the Korea Travel Times named CTC-South Korea as joint winner, alongside Hong Kong, of its True Partner Award for best international tourism organization. CTC-South Korea’s efficient communication and support for product development and sales helped it stand out from the rest of the tourism crowd. Both awards were based on results from each newspaper’s survey of the South Korean travel industry, including tour operators, airlines and receptive operators.


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Hi Paul

We won't have stats for Dec 2013 until late February, and we won't have Jan 2014 until end of March.

Good luck with your studies!

I am a 1st year economics student in Cold Lake Alberta. My partner and I are doing an assignment called "In the News". I seen your impressive stats from the November 2013 Issue 11 book. Our assignment is to show What product/service makes a difference in Canada's GDP. We just started Short Term Aggragate Supply Curve Modeling. I particularly like to Vacation in Canada (inc Alaska) so tourism was a good spot to research.

The Canadian dollar is down, Temporary immigrate workers are up and canadians are more confident in their savings. I myself will be looking for another trip this summer with my wife. Last one was Isreal for 10 days.

My question is: Do you have any current stats for Dec 2013 but especially Jan 2014. I would like to campare to last years. Thank-you for a quick reply. Travel well and STAY WARM...