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Australians answer the call of Canada.

New CTC campaign highlights the active adventures amid Canada’s natural beauty for travellers from Down Under.

03 September 2014

Australians love adventure. The new spring/summer consumer campaign from the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) looks to tap into that adventurous spirit, showcasing the great journeys and wildlife Canada has to offer.

The campaign blends digital advertising, which includes videos, and print advertising in newspapers and magazines. There is also a partnership with Fairfax Media for print and online editorial content starting from mid-September.



To build even greater awareness, the campaign has a dedicated landing page that includes package offers for consumers and links deeper into the consumer website to help Aussies learn more about travel in Canada. The target Explorer Quotient®travel types for the campaign are Cultural Explorers and Social Samplers.

Coming later this fall: CTC’s core European markets will unveil their latest campaigns. Stay tuned to CTC News for details on what the marketing future holds for France, Germany and the UK.

CTC’s tourism partners for the Australia campaign are Travel Alberta, Destination British Columbia, Tourism Vancouver and Air Canada.

“Visitor numbers from Australia have risen strongly and consistently through 2014,” says Rupert Peters, CTC vice-president, International (interim). “This new campaign will build on that momentum and open Australian eyes further to the great Canadian adventures available to them.”

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