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Australians dip their toes in Canadian summer.

New CTC campaign puts Signature Experiences Collection® members centre stage and breaks the seal on CTC’s new global marketing platform.

30 January 2012

Open waters, glittering skies, great adventures, colourful cities: it must be a Canadian summer. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has just unveiled its new campaign for the Australia market, with Signature Experiences Collection® members throughout. It’s the first time that Collection members—in this case 24—have been used extensively in a CTC campaign since the program’s launch in summer ’11.

The Australia campaign, which began Jan. 30, is also the first taste of CTC’s new global marketing platform. It highlights authentic traveller-to-traveller experiences and stories, showing possible Canadian journeys in a timeline along the bottom of the ads. By facilitating traveller stories, the campaign encourages advocacy, a vital ingredient in convincing future consumers to visit this country. It’s the next stage for developing Canada’s tourism brand.

Moviegoers will also get a flavour of Canada on the big screen. A kayaker’s river-level view, one of five new ads featuring great Canadian moments from across the country as captured by travellers, is running in select Aussie cinemas, prefaced by Travel Alberta ads. The other ads include a huge, calving iceberg, the CN Tower Edgewalk and an elk crossing a Banff, AB, street (rush hour!). The same ads can be seen online at the new global platform’s website: www.keepexploring.ca/.

Under the microscope for the new campaign: consumers living in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, especially Explorer Quotient®-type travellers Free Spirits, Cultural Explorers and Social Samplers. Ads in print and online—such as Sydney Morning Herald Traveller, Sunday Telegraph Escape, Gourmet Traveller and Australian Geographic—as well as engagement via social media are the primary vehicles for catching Aussies’ attention. The Calgary Stampede, gearing up for its centennial this year, lassoes plenty of eye time in the ad campaign.

Partnering CTC for the campaign are Tourism British Columbia, Tourism Yukon, Travel Alberta and the Calgary Stampede.

“This campaign is a bold statement of how we intend to entice travellers to Canada in 2012 and beyond, with a focus on the experiences they can have in this country against a backdrop of some of the world’s most spectacular geography,” says Greg Klassen, CTC senior vice-president Marketing Strategy & Communications. “Our new global platform, which is an evolution, not revolution, in the development of Canada’s tourism brand, will help us compete for more than our fair share of travellers from around the world—starting from Down Under.”


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