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CTC and AFAR team up to make Montréal an experience to remember.

The Quebec city is chosen for AFAR Experiences 2015 program, highlighting its rich culture and urban excitement.

25 September 2014

Some of the best expeditions take time to plan. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has forged a partnership with AFAR Media, Tourisme Québec and Tourisme Montréalthat will deliver a unique Montréal adventure in 2015 for a group of select travellers.

Montréal is the latest city to be chosen for AFAR Experiences, a global program that highlights destinations, their cultures and experiences to international travellers. Other cities to date include Sydney, Johannesburg and Cairo.

Fifty worldly and curious international travellers will participate in a special five-night trip to Montréal, QC, June 25-29, 2015, one in which local hosts will take them behind the scenes of the city. AFAR Experiences Canada will blend culture, dining, architecture and festivals in Montréal, such as the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, urban art and meeting some of the province’s top chefs and filmmakers.

Ritz-Carlton Montréal is the official hotel partner for the program. The travellers will have the chance to add trips to other parts of Canada before and after the five days.

AFAR Experiences appeals to seasoned global travellers with a taste for luxury. CTC will be using the partnership as a component of its overall content marketing strategy, sharing the stories of the 50 travellers on their Montréal adventures next summer via a variety of channels, including social media.

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