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CTC wraps up its 2013 Global Marketing, Sales and Communications Plan.

Focus on greater destination awareness, demand and conversion in the face of vigorous competition from new and traditional tourism rivals.

24 September 2012

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has just completed its 2013 Global Marketing, Sales and Communications Plan. The plan, which focuses on leisure travellers, examines the opportunities and challenges for the Canadian tourism industry in the year ahead.

The global tourism marketplace has become ever more competitive. Modern travellers are surrounded by persuasive marketing from emerging destinations such as Turkey and Dubai. On top of that, Canada’s traditional rivals, such as the US and Australia, have received significant funding boosts and launched multi-million-dollar campaigns in 2012.

CTC research indicates that the next few years should see an expansive period for global tourism, with big-spending international travellers looking for just the type of experiences that Canada has in spades. That means significant opportunity for this country’s tourism industry.

The CTC prizes partnerships, international leadership and innovation and uses a three-pronged channel strategy in each of its 10 key international markets: consumer direct advertising, media relations and travel trade.

The 64-page plan looks at CTC’s work in each market—Brazil, China, India, Japan, Mexico and South Korea(emerging/transitional markets) as well as Australia, France, Germany and the UK(core markets)—breaking it down into market insights, 2013 focus and channel weightings.

“While global competition leaves no room for complacency, Canada has a great product, wide international appeal and, consequently, big opportunity,” says Charles McKee, CTC vice-president, International. “The 2013 Plan focuses on how we as an industry working together can achieve a fair share of the global market.”

The CTC will be distributing the plan directly to key partners in the fall.

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Hi Ninon - there was no e-mail address in your last comment...

Hi Mat Loup,

I put my email in the E-mail box (up). I hope you can see it.


Hi Ninon - can you supply an e-mail address please? Thx

Hi Mat,

Would you please email me the 2013 PDFs in French & English for our collection. Thank you.

Ninon D'Aoust
Library of Parliament

Hi Silvia - Can you pass on your e-mail address and company name please?
Thx, Mat

May I please request a copy the Marketing plan to be able to input the information in our 2013 budgets and Marketing plan as well. Thank you in advanced.

Hi Elaine - As below, I don't have copies to hand, but can pass on your request to Will Harding if you are one of CTC's industry partners. What's your e-mail address please? And how do you team up with CTC? Thx

Could we please receive a copy of the plan, thank you, e

Hi Dan and Susan - I don't hold the keys to the report, but have passed both requests to Will Harding, our Manager for Emerging Markets, who should be able to help you out.
cheers, Mat

Could you forward a copy to dan [at] skibig3 [dot] com

Hi, Mat
This is my email susan [at] mariposacruises [dot] com
Could you forward me a copy of the plan?

Thank you

Hi Dan - This year we're distributing the plan directly to key partners instead of posting on the corporate website. If you are one of those, then e-mail the relevant CTC contact you have, or pass on your e-mail address here and I will forward it to the International team. Cheers, Mat

Hi...not sure if I'm missing it but can you direct me to where I can download a copy of the 2013 Global Marketing, Sales and Communications Plan?