Belgium events barometer:

  • The event industry had been hit hard by the economic crisis, but results from the ninth Belgian EventMonitor show that businesses are now starting to invest more in event marketing.
  • A surprising 91% of corporate event managers saw their budgets increase or remain at the same level in the last 12 months. Only 9% saw their budgets drop, compared to 31% last year.
  • Event agencies and suppliers both show the same positive trend. Nearly half (49%) mentioned an effective growth in turnover.
  • Almost all (96%) corporate event managers expect event budgets to rise or stay at the same level during the next six months. Trust in the future is stabilizing. The number of event agencies has remained the same.
  • A good 14% of agency clients currently organize one event per year. Over half (54%) organize up to five events each year, while 21% organize between five and 10 events per year.

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