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Market development activities 

  • March 31: BEC attended MTL week in Paris in collaboration with Tourism Montréal. It included a networking lunch with top French corporate clients and the opportunity for one-to-one networking.

French events barometer:

  • The ANAÉ (Association Event and Communication Agencies) report at the end of 2014 revealed that MICE agencies remained cautious about the impact of the global economic situation on their businesses.
  • Agencies consider market performance to be stable.
  • Over three quarters (76%) of agencies have to pitch for business against others.
  • New business represented on average 7% of the income for agencies in 2014. The figure will be stable in 2015.
  • Negotiations with customers are still considered challenging.
  • Over 51% have recruited since March 2014, while another 46% are going to add new staff in the next six months. A majority (62%) of these hires are for new positions. 
  • Outside of France, Europe accounts for 50% of the destinations in which agencies have held their three biggest events since March or plan to use in the next six months. At the top of the list are Spain, Italy and Greece.
  • For long-haul destinations, the US is in first position, ahead of Thailand and Malaysia. Next are Brazil, Cuba and Panama. This pertains to groups with 300 to 900 participants, which account for 42% of the events held.
  • The American Express Meetings and Events report, "Great expectations: the evolving landscape of technology in meetings," focuses on emerging technologies and how to use them to support and increase productivity. It also highlights the different perceptions that exist between organizers and participants of meetings and professional conventions.

Three new trends

  • Applications for meetings and events are considered essential for planning. The report shows that 67% of meeting planners and 55% of participants consider apps for events very important. The access to the program and session descriptions is a key point, as well as the possibility to schedule onsite meetings with exhibitors and other participants.
  • Social media plays a role in meetings and conventions; 43% of organizers and 35% of participants feel the ability to master social media is very important. Half (50%) of organizers and 39% of participants consider it very important to publish and read comments or reviews for meetings and events.
  • The vast majority of participants (74%) and organizers (85%) still prefer live meetings because of the ability to interact socially. Nearly half (47%) of participants and 49% of organizers agree that it is difficult to actively participate in a virtual meeting. A full 68% of organizers also believe that participants are easily distracted during such a meeting.


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