Speeches and Presentations

APM meeting presentation and videos

Delegates to the TIAC Tourism Summit in Gatineau attended the CTC Annual Public Meeting (APM) on November 3rd in Gatineau, Quebec. Steve Allan, Chair of the CTC Board of Directors, Michele McKenzie, President & CEO, and Greg Klassen, Senior Vice-President of Marketing Strategy & Communications, gave presentations to government and tourism industry representatives and invited guests. Michele’s presentation was an overview of the CTC’s results for 2009 and the Olympic strategy, as well as details of the organization’s new structure and strategic direction for 2011. Greg’s multi-media presentation highlighted the details of the 2011 marketing allocations and a complete review of some of the CTC’s marketing wins in 2009-2010. The successful partnership with the VANOC Torch Relay and NBC’s use of CTC video footage were highlighted during the APM as examples of the effectiveness of the CTC’s Olympic strategy and the global reach of Canada’s tourism brand. Feedback from the audience members indicated strong support for the CTC’s 2011 strategic direction.

Remarks by Steve Allan, Chair of the Board of Directors

Presentation by Michele McKenzie, President & CEO

CTC: Who we are, what we do (1:41)

Our business drivers (4:25)

CTC: The next 5 years (6:05)


Presentation by Greg Klassen, Senior-Vice President, Marketing Strategy & Communications

CTC strategy: Legacy, innovation and influence (3:31)

Awareness to conversion (3:13)

Country branding (2:53)

Role of influencers and channels of influence (6:27)

Screens: Leveraging new technology (9:43)

Olympics: Social media and afterglow (3:49)

Technology in U.S. campaigns (4:55)

Shifting to conversion strategy (3:13)

Looking to 2011 (3:01)