Our partnerships

Canada's tourism industry is a dynamic affiliation of public and private sector organizations ranging from small- to medium-size enterprises (SMEs) to provincial marketing organizations (PMOs) to destination marketing organizations (DMOs). We also have a wealth of tourism industry and trade associations.

By forging strong partnerships we can better meet growing competition from established and emerging tourism destinations around the world.

To compete internationally and increase export revenues, Destination Canada relies heavily on partnership investments to expand the reach, impact and return of our marketing programs.

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How Destination Canada works with provincial marketing organizations (PMOs), destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and larger companies

Generating new tourism business means developing a strong brand presence internationally. We lead this effort through partnered global marketing and sales programs supported by large tourism-focused businesses, such as Canadian hotel chains, resort operators and rail companies, as well as destination marketers [DMOs] (e.g. Tourism Vancouver) and provincial marketing organizations [PMOs] (e.g. Travel Manitoba or Northwest Territories Tourism).

Our larger partners—all of which have an established international presence and the ability to invest in more expansive marketing campaigns—build Canada's international profile with offers and packages targeting consumers. We know that not everyone in the tourism business can afford to partner with Destination Canada on a full-page ad in the New York Times. Our larger partners allow us to make use of federal funding to promote Canada's tourism brand to the world, while helping drive business down the supply chain to benefit the entire tourism industry.

Similarly, although networks vary across the country, PMOs and DMOs that partner with us not only expand their own marketing efforts, they increase the reach and exposure of their local small- or medium-size businesses (SMEs).

We receive contributions from our partners in various forms (e.g. cash, in-kind, parallel investment).

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How Destination Canada works with small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs)

Canada has around 192,000 tourism-related businesses and, of these, the majority are SMEs with less than 20 employees. In many ways the country's economic backbone, SMEs operate in communities of every size from coast to coast to coast, supporting over 627,600 jobs and growing revenues that reached $88.5 billion in 2014.

Destination Canada offers resources and support for SMEs on several fronts to help transform their tourism products into extra-ordinary experiences that will keep visitors coming back to Canada for more.

Most businesses and destinations that partner with Destination Canada require an established track record of market-ready tourism products and experiences, a high level of marketing sophistication and the ability to properly service an international clientele. The demands of operating internationally mean Destination Canada has a limited ability to partner directly with smaller enterprises.

If you have an established track record as a tourism business and are ready to expand internationally, we can provide the business research and intelligence—from tourism trends and in-depth market analysis to visitor data-you'll need to create the business plans required by financial institutions.

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Destination Canada hands-on toolkits give SMEs a competitive edge

Thousands of SMEs participate in Destination Canada initiatives with just a few clicks. Like any top mechanic, Destination Canada has developed a deep and diverse toolbox designed to help SMEs leverage the successful Canada. Keep exploring brand. Our toolkits can help you find and keep your best customers, and turn your travel product into an experience your customers can't stop talking about.

Established travel organizations can also apply to share their unique tourism experiences by going one-to-one with media during Destination Canada-hosted annual Go Media Marketplace. Subscribe to Destination Canada News for regular updates about Destination Canada research & statistics, marketing programs, tourism issues, industry trends and more.

Looking for some help? A great place to start is Resources for Industry, written with Canada's small- and medium-size tourism businesses in mind.