About Destination Canada

Destination Canada (formerly the Canadian Tourism Commission) is Canada's national tourism marketing organization. A federal Crown corporation of the Government of Canada, we lead the Canadian tourism industry in marketing Canada as a premier four-season tourism destination where travellers can enjoy extraordinary experiences. We provide a consistent voice for Canada in the international tourism marketplace.

As tourism is one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors, it is strategically important for Canada to generate export revenues that provide new dollars to the Canadian economy. Through effective tourism marketing and promotions supported by aligned market research, we help to create jobs and generate wealth for Canadians by stimulating demand for Canada’s visitor economy.

We work in collaboration with the Canadian private sector, international travel trade, meeting professionals, and the governments of Canada, the provinces and the territories to position Canada as a place where travellers can create their own unique and extraordinary personal experiences. We promote Canada’s extraordinary experiences in 11 countries around the world: Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, the UK and the US. We also conduct market research, offer stunning visuals through the Brand Canada Library and provide resources to help industry leverage Canada’s successful tourism brand, Canada. Keep Exploring.

Through a targeted, focused approach to marketing, we develop and implement marketing strategies that are relevant to customers’ individual needs and the personal experiences that they are seeking in their travel destinations. Our regional hub structure allows us to be nimble and opportunistic—easily able to adjust our marketing programs to reflect changing market conditions and to capitalize on new marketing opportunities as they arise.


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A Crown corporation wholly owned by the Government of Canada, we report to Parliament through the Minister of Industry. Our legislated mandate is to:

  • Sustain a vibrant and profitable Canadian tourism industry.
  • Market Canada as a desirable tourism destination.
  • Support a cooperative relationship between the private sector and the governments of Canada, the provinces and the territories with respect to Canadian tourism.
  • Provide information about Canadian tourism to the private sector and to the governments of Canada, the provinces and the territories.

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Our mission is to harness Canada's collective voice to grow tourism export revenues.

Tourism is a key driver of Canada’s economy, creating jobs and earnings to all levels of government. It accounts for more than 627,000 jobs across the country, and in 2014, generated over $88.5 billion in tourism revenue. With over $17.2 billion of this—or nearly 20%—coming in from international travellers, tourism is Canada’s No. 1 service export.

As Canada's provinces, cities and regions largely invest in marketing to Canadians, Destination Canada’s focus is on keeping international tourism revenue streams flowing into our country. In 2014, our international marketing activities generated $667 million for Canada—that’s new money being injected directly into the Canadian economy. This spending further generated $122 million through government taxes and fees.

By leveraging Canada's tourism brand, “Canada. Keep Exploring,” we take Canada's most extraordinary tourism experiences and opportunities and promote a strong and consistent image of our country to the world in order to grow tourism revenue for Canada.

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Act with Integrity

Integrity is about who we are, and how we deliver on our mandate. As a Crown Corporation, Canadians invest in Destination Canada, and trust us to represent their interests in the global marketplace in an authentic and professional way. Being ethical in our conduct and mindful of the impact of our actions helps us fulfill our responsibility to Canadians and the tourism industry.

  • Consider your moral and ethical obligations to all of your stakeholders when making decisions and taking action.
  • Stand for Canada and Destination Canada; represent them both well.
  • Admit mistakes; take action and ownership to correct them.
  • Deliver on your professional commitments inside and outside Destination Canada so that you can build trust and credibility with others.
  •  Be true to your word; be consistent in thought, speech and behaviour to build the trust of others.

Be Creative and Seek Opportunities to Innovate

We work in a competitive field, so creativity and innovation are central to our success. By integrating existing trends, original thought, and efficiency into our work, we can effectively deliver on our vision to inspire the world to explore Canada.

  • Keep learning; be open to new ideas, trends, ways of thinking, ways of working; invite and expect that of others, contributing to a creative and open environment. Seek opportunities for inspiration.
  • Consider new paths to achieve goals and objectives; look for ways to better leverage resources: do more, use less, have greater impact for stakeholders.
  • Leverage others; involve them to make decisions, support them to take calculated risks, invite them to bring fresh eyes and ideas, and explore how you might spark new thinking together.
  • Question the status quo and the expected; question the work of others thoughtfully and diplomatically, and your own work aggressively; invite and embrace the feedback of others.
  • Look for patterns, trends, missing pieces, unusual connections; let them inspire you to think in new ways.


Collaborate to Achieve Common Goals

There’s value in being part of something bigger than ourselves. Collaboration is a commitment by individuals and teams to achieve shared goals. We want our ideas embraced and have our voices heard, but to create a truly collaborative environment, we need to provide enough space for individuals to contribute in their own way and share in our collective success.

  • Genuinely seek and value the input, perspectives and expertise of others; encourage ideas and appreciate feedback from the outset.
  • Know how you and others contribute to Destination Canada’s vision and strategy; understand that it takes many committed partners with lots of interdependencies, to make great things happen.
  • Be responsive and accountable to colleagues, partners and stakeholders and help them be responsive and accountable to you by making your needs of them clear, setting mutual expectations and providing feedback.
  • Actively promote a positive climate for all by being open and understand the diversity of working styles and personalities that make an organization dynamic.
  • Demonstrate listening and foster patience and empathy to arrive at a common understanding.

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Our vision is to inspire the world to explore Canada. We do so by promoting a compelling and consistent image of our country in the international tourism marketplace.

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To achieve our strategic goal of growing revenue for Canada’s tourism economy, we follow a strategy of focusing on markets where Canada’s tourism brand leads and yields the highest return on investment. We are active in the markets that account for more than 90% of all international arrivals to Canada. By deepening our relationship with high-yield customers—those who stay longer and spend more—we influence their travel decisions and increase Canada’s tourism revenue even when arrivals are down. In addition, by harnessing the collective energy of different levels of government and the private sector, we take the lead in communicating a strong, consistent, global brand for Canada.

By focusing on both short- and long-term opportunities for maximizing return on investment as markets mature and evolve, we are positioning ourselves to increase demand for Canada’s visitor economy. Overall, we are leading the way to attract the best customer to Canada.

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Direct-to-consumer advertising is the most effective way to influence demand for Canada as a vacation destination. We are leaders in engaging consumers via social media, as well as making effective use of broadcast, newspapers, magazines, billboards, e-marketing and database marketing in our campaign mix. We run our advertising and marketing campaigns in partnership with key private- and public-sector tourism partners.

Our media and public relations activities develop key relationships with media to influence positive coverage of Canada. Key activities include organizing experiential travel for international media, as well as providing broadcast-quality video, images and information via our Media Centre that result in stories about Canada.

We also engage with domestic business and travel-trade media, plus Canadian tourism-industry stakeholders, through News Releases and weekly Destination Canada News updates that cover tradeshows, latest research, competitive intelligence, new marketing campaigns and more. Subscribe at canada.travel/news.

We work directly with overseas travel companies to develop and sell Canada as a vacation destination. Travel agents who understand Canada’s tourism products are much more likely to influence consumers to visit Canada. To this end, we educate international travel agents and tour operators about Canada and Canadian products through our Canada Specialist Program. We also influence tour operators to include Canada in their sales offerings in competition with other destinations around the world.

Our Business Events Canada program operates in five markets (the US, UK, France, Germany and Belgium), generating meetings, conventions and incentive-travel opportunities for various private- and public-sector Canadian partners that result in eventual bookings. This provides economic benefits to the destinations themselves and, in the long-term, creates greater awareness of Canada and the brand among meeting planners and influential senior executives and CEOs.

Social media is an important element of our overall marketing strategy. Embracing social media enables us to reach influencers and consumers. Our focus is on being present where travellers are speaking with travellers, and supporting the conversation. We showcase Canada travel photos, videos and story ideas to strengthen Canada’s position as a world-class travel destination. We also use these channels to communicate travel offers as part of the overall goal of converting followers to paying customers.





Our research program is known around the world as a leading innovator in tourism research. The research conducted has been a fundamental catalyst to the success of Canada’s visitor economy and in giving Canada’s tourism a competitive edge. Timely, credible and relevant business intelligence has been at the forefront to support effective strategic business decisions.